Welcome to the UC Berkeley MHIRT 2017 Blog!

The 2017 cohort of UC Berkeley MHIRT Fellows have completed their on-campus training and gone off to distant lands for their summer research experience. The students this year have been *amazing*, and we wish them safe and successful research experiences this summer.

MHIRT is a national program funded by NIH which trains students from under-represented backgrounds in the biomedical sciences, and places them in ongoing research projects. UC Berkeley is one of 21 participating universities. After a competitive application process and a semester of training, the 2017 cohort will be working in research labs in Malawi, Uganda, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and China. We look forward to hearing about their experiences!

Across the US,  the MHIRT program has been nothing short of a game changer in identifying and nurturing students for careers in the health sciences. The intensive training and overseas experience is a transformative experience for students, and the majority of alumni from the UC Berkeley MHIRT program continue on to graduate school in the biomedical sciences including medical school.